Mangas für Deutschland: Genjuu no Seiza

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Genjuu no Seiza

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Künstler:Akino Matsuri
Kamishina Fuuto has dreams... night after night, dreams where he gets devoured by birds. ...Which means he's the high priest of the little independant Asian country of Darashaal. Or at least, that's what the guy with a bird's head and wings keeps insisting to Fuuto. Of course he won't believe it. He just transferred to a new school and he doesn't want to stand out for once in his life. However, others in Darashaal won't believe Fuuto is the new high preist either, for they just appointed the new one, so Fuuto must obviously be a fake. So what do you do when a fake appears and threatens the throne (even though he's never once claimed to be the high priest)? Why send assassins after him, of course...

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Die Serie läuft noch in Japan.

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