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Dragon Voice

Bisherige Stimmen:21
Aktueller Platz:197
Künstler:Yuriko Nishiyama
Rin Amami is a good looking 15-year old kid with a lot of street smarts, but not much in the way of prospects. He's a street dancer, trying to make a buck. He has dreams of becoming a singer, of performing his own original music, but with a voice that sounds like a dying bullfrog, he has to settle for dancing to other people's tunes.

That is, until a chance encounter with the newest boyband, THE BEATMEN, allows Rin to follow his dream of being a creator, rather than an imitator. After a series of odd circumstances put Rin onstage with the BEATMEN as a backup dancer, he finds himself actually singing with the band. Amazingly, his gruff voice seems to work.

The crowd is stunned, the bandmembers are mixed and the band's manager is convinced that Rin possesses the legendary 'Dragon Voice,' which is fabled to be filled with "demonic charm and God-like brilliance."

Unfortunately, the performance doesn't play so well on television and it looks like Rin's singing career may be over before it starts. However, Shino, the group's leader, sees something in Rin and convinces him to take another stab at it ...
Die Serie läuft noch in Japan.

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