Mangas für Deutschland: Kyubanme no Musashi

Japanischer Name:

Kyubanme no Musashi

Internationaler Name:Musashi #9
Bisherige Stimmen:2
Aktueller Platz:477
Künstler:Miyuki Takahashi
Verlag:Akita Publishing
MUSASHI NUMBER NINE chronicles the fast-paced adventures of a 16-year-old super-agent who takes on assassins, terrorists and counter agents! Written and illustrated by acclaimed artist Takahashi Miyuki, MUSASHI NUMBER NINE is an action series famous in Japan for a hero who is the ultimate in cool, featuring crisp, stylishly rendered artwork and engaging storytelling.

Exotic, smart and lethal, Number Nine is a field operative for an organization committed to fighting injustice. Little is known about "Universal Blue" except that they're the last line of defense against battalions of terrorists and criminals. Even less is known about its field operatives — though it's whispered that they possess the ability to change the course of world history. And Number Nine is one of them.

In this volume, a teenaged girl is marked for death for reasons beyond her control, and Universal Blue decides to take care of her. But Number Nine runs into trouble with this headstrong client. After all, who would accept a stranger's help with the unraveling chaos of her life? The teenaged girl has a special gift — one that will save the life of an important person. But will she live long enough to deliver that gift in time?
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Die Serie ist in Japan abgeschlossen.

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