Mangas für Deutschland: Corrector Yui

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Corrector Yui

Bisherige Stimmen:6
Aktueller Platz:339
Künstler:Kia Asamiya / Keiko Okamoto
Verlag:Dark Angel
In the year 2020, computers are everywhere. From digital teachers to cars that drive themselves, computers are an integral part of everyone's lives -- everyone's, that is, except Yui Kasuga's. The 14-year-old daydreamer can't tell a Pentium chip from a Dorito! Very shortly, she will be called on to save the world from the mother of all computer viruses ... and she can't even be bothered to stay awake in class!
How ironic that the fate of the Internet, and the world, should fall on the shoulders of Yui - a technophobe of the first order. When the sentient computer virus, Grosser, infects the global network Com-Net, Yui is transported into cyberspace to combat his evil plans. Only by assembling the eight missing pieces of the corrector program can Yui make the Net safe once more.
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Die Serie ist in Japan abgeschlossen.

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