Mangas für Deutschland: Kimi no Ai wa Mienikui

Japanischer Name:

Kimi no Ai wa Mienikui

Internationaler Name:Invisible Love
Bisherige Stimmen:2
Aktueller Platz:477
Künstler:Rie Honjou
1) Kimi no Ai wa Mienikui (Your love cannot be easily visible)
Inori always goes to his friend Senou with his love troubles, because Senou always listens patiently. But lately Inori has been thinking about Senou in a different way...

2) Impossible Boyfriend
Continuing story of Inori and Senou's relationship, which begins in Kimi no Ai wa Mienikui.

3) Won't Let Go of That Hand
Jinryou Aki just started at the clothing store where Goichi works, and Goichi can't help liking his cute new coworker. But Jinryou has a troubled past.

4) Good Luck Sleeping
Eight years after graduation Hoshizono runs into his high school crush, Kure. In school Hoshizono was always considered a brainy kid, while Kure was a jock. Now Hoshizono works at a gay host club, and Kure is a successful businessman. Can these two connect?

5)Love Without Boundaries
Shouji and Shimizawa have been living together for one month. But with such a new relationship, problems are still cropping up!

6) In A Box With You
In a place, like an all boys school, there is no place to do it. Nishimura tells Sugawara that its common to help each other out...

7) The Temperature Inside my Hand
College student Takeru has a crush on fellow student Yukihito. But Yukihito is connected to Takeru's childhood in the snowy northern regions, and a tragic incident which happened there.
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