Mangas für Deutschland: Ijimetaihodo Aishiteru

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Ijimetaihodo Aishiteru

Bisherige Stimmen:4
Aktueller Platz:398
Künstler:Shin Mizukami
1) Ijimetaihodo Aishiteru
Takashi has been bullying Haruki since they were children. But he's an idiot, and Haruki always manipulates him. Will these two ever sort out their feelings for each other?

2) The Fox's Wedding
The Fox's Wedding- Tohru has just quit his job, broken up with his fiancee and moved back home. And it's all because of his supervisor, Hanao! But Hanao is more than he appears to be...

3)Foreign Culture Communication
A historical story! Commodore "Just call me Darling," is new to Japan and is given a young, beautiful and incredibly naive translator named Haneda Takayuki. Darling is smitten with his "Honey", but will the culture differences be too much for them?

4)Little Lost Lamb
Kamiya Inoru's parents run a Catholic church (?) and he helps out by listening to confessions. When classmate Shiba Youichi comes in and confesses that he's in love with his classmate, Kamiya, the priest substitute can't resist seeing how far Shiba will go for forgiveness...
Warning: Dirty things happen in a church, and with religious objects.

5)Educational Affection
Student Ogawa has changed lately since his father remarried and he aquired a new stepbrother. Both basketball team coach Koga and school doctor Takamura are concerned about his home life, but when they find out what Ogawa's brother's been up to will Koga be able to keep his cool?
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