Mangas für Deutschland: Nemuranai Machi Kara

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Nemuranai Machi Kara

Internationaler Name:Nemuranai Machi Kara
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Künstler:Yamato Waki
In Tokyo, where night is just an extension of day lives a little girl called Sanako in a dilapidated looking building. Probably not the most conventional of places to raise a child, but somehow in the hustle, bustle of midtown Tokyo, Sanako managed to flourish like the plants that grew within their apartment. A sunny, sensitive child, she gave the reader a different perspective of Tokyo as both the play ground and home that she is most aware of.

At the same time, though the overall tone of the story is nostalgic and sweet, it is not cloyingly so. We are still given glimpses of reality. Whether this be an over zealous real estate agent trying to push the tenants away in order to build new high rise buildings, or a loving father who though he may love his daughter, omit the fact that Sanako?fs mother is actually still alive, and chose to abandon her as a baby.

It is difficult to say why this remains one of my favorite manga, it's unique and so beautifully written and drawn. In so many ways it's similar to Miyazaki's work, in terms of its nostalgic theme, on the other hand it never tried to infuse the story with elements of fantasy like talking animals, the miracle in the story is Sanako herself and her unique view of the world around her.

A rather nice family photo, though it wasn't really meant to be one. Sanako is 7 I think, the only child of Tsukimori Keisuke; single father, architect, owner of the Hachi no Ki building they lived in. He's a rather unusual character, one that Yamato sensei does not usually draw. A rather craggy looking man, who does not fit the usual profile of a manga father.

It's touching to see his dedication on raising his only daughter , he had to learn to cook, clean as well as learn how to raise a daughter from scratch. Often, you see him wondering why and how he managed to be given this unexpected gift called Sanako.

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